Rice Seeding, is a method in which rice seeds are sown

Rice Seeding, is a method in which rice seeds are sown

Rice Seeding, is a method in which rice seeds are sown

Because the month of rice planting has arrived, farmers in the Ajung sub-district, in collaboration with the Ajung region’s Agricultural Extension Officer, Sri Wahyuni, have begun to prepare for planting rice and carry out the rice seeding process, or rice seeding.

The nursery’s goals are as follows:

  1. To ensure optimal growth, the nursery provides sufficient nutrients in the supplied medium as well as adequate watering to the baby plants.
  2. Facilitate optimal maintenance and easy protection from environmental scourges, including both climate and plant pests, so that the nursery is neater and more organized and simpler to maintain and control from environmental scourges such as rain and heat;
  3. Plants become more flexible; plants that are still young will be startled if they are placed in a severe environment with a plant nursery that can quickly adapt;
  4. Embroidery can be used as a substitute for dead plants.

The rice seeds used for this nursery are outstanding hybrid rice seeds BCA 18 F1. The seed processing method for this seeding takes around 2 to 3 weeks, which is useful for preparing plants to be put in the field or rice fields. PT. Benih Citra Asia’s newest product is BCA 18 F1. Hybrid rice with an oval grain form, a pithy texture, and a high yield potential (10.3 tons/Ha Milled Dry Grain).

The rice nursery should be spread out across a large area to make it easy to maintain. Rice nurseries must also be exposed to direct sunshine, but not too close to lights that could draw nighttime attacks. Sowing in the nursery is the method of seeding. The sowing technique has the advantage of being more seed efficient, growing evenly, and being easier to plant.

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