Plant Chillies Easily

How to plant chillies easily in the home

Popular in Southeast Asia, chili is classified as a vegetable that serves as a flavor enhancer in food. In the market, chili prices often go up and down at unexpected times. If the price has soared, surely we should think twice about including it in the shopping cart, yes.

How to plant chillies easily in the home
How to plant chillies easily in the home


To overcome this, how about trying to grow chilies at home? In addition to saving money shopping for vegetables, the chili that is harvested itself is guaranteed for its quality and freshness.

Anti-complicated, here Popbela summarizes how to grow chilies at home quickly!

1. Separate the chili seeds
The first step in growing chilies is to separate the seeds of the chilies from the fruit. You can choose seeds from various types of chilies that you want to plant. To get the seeds, cut the inside of the chili. Then, take the seeds and dry them in the sun.

2. Prepare polybags for sowing chili seeds
Instead of sowing directly on extensive soil or pots, chili seeds are sown in polybags at first. If you don’t know, polybags are plastic bags with small holes commonly used for sowing plant seeds.

Before sowing, prepare the soil and fertilizer in a ratio of 3:1 and put it in a polybag. Let stand for one week in a place protected from sunlight and water. After that, prepare the chili seeds by soaking them for three hours in warm water. If so, put the roots into a polybag as deep as 1 cm. If the seeds have germinated, put the polybag in the sun.

3. Prepare the land for transplanting chili seeds
If the chili seeds are to germinate, it’s time to move them to soil or larger pots. The trick is to remove the polybag from the plant roots. Do it carefully so that the plant roots are not damaged. Then, please put it in a pot or land that has been hoeed and then loosen it. Do this transfer in the morning or evening to avoid the scorching sun that can stress plants, yes.

4. How to care for chili plants
Then, how to take care of the chili plants, huh?

To take care of it, give your chili plants an organic or inorganic fertilizer once a month. For maximum results, you can also provide it with compost when the plants start to bear fruit. Also, water the plants every day with enough water, yes!

5. It’s time to harvest the chili plants!
If your plants have produced chilies of perfect size, then the chilies are ready to be harvested!

It is recommended to harvest chilies when their original color—whether red, green or some other color—is not yet intense. This allows chilies to last for 2-3 days before being consumed. Then, the best harvest time is in the morning after the dew has dried.

Hopefully, you can practice it easily. Happy growing chilies at home!

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