The benefit of planting chilli in the house

The benefit of planting chilli in the house

Cayenne pepper can be classified as a type of vegetable or herbaceous plant with a height of less than 1 meter. The use of plants with a spicy taste is already very familiar among the people of Indonesia. Some regions, especially families, consider it a food ingredient that must be on the table to increase appetite.

The benefit of planting chilli in the house
The benefit of planting chilli in the house

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper Cultivation for Families

1. Means of teaching children

Teaching children simple ways to grow crops is essential, considering this is usually also found in materials in elementary school. By knowing the procedures, children can be one step ahead of their peers. In addition, the development process also becomes faster, and the mindset is honed.

Cayenne pepper is a herbaceous plant with a fibrous root form so how to plant and care for it is not so difficult. Moreover, this one plant is easy to live anywhere as long as there is no shortage of sunlight and water. In other words, farming at home can be a means of independent practicum for your child.

Children need to know how to manage the food they consume daily. The hope is that this knowledge can foster an independent spirit in addition to supporting their reasoning power. Not only that, the closeness between children and parents can finally be closely intertwined, especially during pandemic times like now.

2. Plant quality is better maintained

As one of the most popular food ingredients, the quality of cayenne pepper should be considered more carefully. You certainly don’t know precisely how the farmers carry out the production process to distribution. But for sure, pesticides to protect plants from pests and other rodents are a necessity.

Therefore, growing it yourself at home is the most practical way to ensure better quality. The reason is, you will control the process, starting from the selection of superior seeds, the condition of the soil or plant media, the stage of care, to harvesting and processing. If the quality of chili is maintained, of course, it can also preserve the family’s health.

3. Has economic value

Cayenne pepper can be grown in various media, both in small pots and in the yard. You may save expenses every month if you manage to cultivate it independently.

In addition, if you want to increase your family’s income for living expenses, you can use these plants as products worth selling. Distribute it to neighbors or relevant, trusted e-commerce.

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