Definition of Hybrid Corn Hybrid corn itself is one type of corn that has the first offspring of cross-breeding between female corn plants with male corn plants, each of which has individual properties homogeneous and superior heterozygous


The hybrid corn seeds go through a cross-breeding process with themselves naturally which will be bred through the process of making one plant is done repeatedly until more than seven generations. This causes the results of homemade seeds to be crossed properties both individuals with a selective breeding program to obtain hybrid corn seed yields towards the early generation (F1)


Advantages of Hybrid Corn Seeds

All types of hybrids have higher growth yields compared to the free-pollinating type because this hybrid type has the gene dominant which results are positive in terms of increased production. Hybrids have too through a development process based on the problem of hybrid vigor symptoms (heterosis) using the main generation plant lines F1 as plants product


some of the best hybrid corn seeds from the BINTANG ASIA brand


Feed Corn Betras 1 F1


Feed Corn Betras 4 F1


Feed Corn Betras 9 F1


Feed Corn Betras 10 F1

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