Keuntungan Budidaya Tanaman Mentimun Budidaya tanaman mentimun memiliki banyak keuntungan yang menarik bagi petani, baik dari segi ekonomi maupun ekologi. Tanaman ini terkenal mudah ditanam dan cepat panen, membuatnya menjadi pilihan yang ideal bagi mereka yang baru memulai di bidang pertanian. Dalam artikel ini, kita akan membahas 8 Keuntungan BudidayaContinue Reading

Kebutuhan Benih Mentimun per Hektar, Strategi Optimalisasi Produksi Mentimun (Cucumis sativus) adalah salah satu sayuran yang populer di Indonesia. Selain disukai karena rasanya yang segar, mentimun juga memiliki manfaat kesehatan yang beragam. Untuk para petani yang ingin menanam mentimun secara optimal, penting untuk mengetahui berapa banyak benih yang dibutuhkan perContinue Reading

Understanding Anthracnose Disease: A Concern for Chili Farmers Anthracnose disease poses a significant threat to chili farmers, causing distress and concern within their agricultural endeavors. Familiarizing oneself with this disease is imperative for safeguarding chili crops and preserving farmers’ livelihoods. Let’s delve into the nuances of Anthracnose disease and itsContinue Reading

What type of Sweet Corn is the sweetest? The sweet corn variety “ROMANZA F1” is renowned for its exceptional sweet taste and soft texture. This variety was developed through selective breeding to produce higher sugar content and retain its sweet taste longer after harvest. The sweetness of supersweet corn comesContinue Reading

Sweet corn, which is usually known as a savory dish, turns out to be able to metamorphose into a delicious and refreshing sweet dish. One interesting creation is making sweet corn pudding. The process of processing sweet corn into pudding is suitable for making a soft dessert, with a distinctiveContinue Reading

Sweet corn, with its deliciously sweet taste and versatility in culinary delights, is a beloved crop for many gardeners and farmers alike. However, the success of growing quality sweet corn starts with choosing the right seeds. Here are five essential ways to choose the perfect sweet corn seeds: Understanding SweetContinue Reading

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Sweet corn, with its golden kernels bursting with flavor, holds a cherished place in many cuisines worldwide. Cultivating this delectable crop offers a plethora of benefits, ranging from its nutritional value to its versatility in culinary creations. Let’s delve into the manifold advantages of growing sweet corn. Sweet corn isn’tContinue Reading

Watermelon Seed Nutrition Watermelon, a summertime favorite and beloved fruit, brings delight and refreshment with its juicy, vibrant flesh. But did you know that watermelon seeds, often discarded without a second thought, are packed with impressive nutritional benefits? These little seeds hold a world of goodness, offering a range ofContinue Reading

Working visit of the Indian company Chamunda Agro at the office of PT Benih Citra Asia PT Benih Citra Asia welcomed the arrival of a working visit from the Indian company Chamunda Agro on 20-21 May 2023. The visit was related to a study on seeds that would later beContinue Reading

The most profitable types of agricultural crops Agricultural plants are plants that are planted and maintained for the purpose of food production, industrial raw materials, medicines, or other purposes. Agricultural crops can be food crops such as rice, corn, wheat, and soybeans, or horticultural crops such as fruits, vegetables, andContinue Reading