Kunjungan KH. Muhammad Thoifur Mawardi selaku pendiri dan pengasuh Pondok Pesantren Darut Tauhid Beliau merupakan sosok kyai yang tidak biasa dikarenakan memiliki segudang karomah dan juga banyak kelebihan. Kebanyakan orang memanggil kyai yang satu ini dengan sebutan Syekh Muhammad Thoifur Mawardi. Biodata K.H Thoifur Mawardi Beliau juga dijuluki sebagai “kitabContinue Reading

Promosi Benih Jagung Betras 9 merk Bintang Asia Pada acara Farm Field Day yang diselenggarakan di kecamatan kunir kabupaten Lumajang, Presiden Direktur PT Benih Citra Asia, Slamet Sulistiyono, memaparkan kepada para petani bahwa perusahaan yang beliau pimpin murni milik bangsa Indonesia ( bukan milik asing ).Perusahaan yang sudah eksis selamaContinue Reading

Tuesday, August 23, 2022, PT. Benih Citra Asia has a special guest from the Land of the White Elephant, Thailand. He is Mr. Mike, the representative from the biggest seed companies in the world, Syngenta. He went to PT. Benih Citra Asia to speak with Mr. Slamet Sulistiyono, the presidentContinue Reading


How to Cultivate Cucumbers in Rice Fields Cucumber is a vegetable commodity that is consumed by many people. That is why many farmers cultivate it, apart from the fact that cucumbers are fast-harvesting crops, so the turnover of capital is fast. Cucumber plants can also adapt from the lowlands toContinue Reading

The Distribution of Zakat Maal and Compensation by PT. Benih Citra Asia in Welcoming the Month of Ramadan 1443 H “Take zakat from their wealth to cleanse and purify them, and pray for them. Your prayer (grows) peace of mind for them. Allah is All-Hearing and All-Knowing,”. The excerpt ofContinue Reading

Rice Seeding, is a method in which rice seeds are sown Because the month of rice planting has arrived, farmers in the Ajung sub-district, in collaboration with the Ajung region’s Agricultural Extension Officer, Sri Wahyuni, have begun to prepare for planting rice and carry out the rice seeding process, orContinue Reading

PT. Benih Citra Asia again received a visit from the Department of Food Security and the Department of Food Crops and Horticulture of West Papua Province   News Today – After a few days ago receiving a visit from Papua, today (17/03/2022) PT. Benih Citra Asia again received a visitContinue Reading

A Complete Guide: The best way to plant cantaloupe Cantaloupe is a fruit-producing plant that is widely used as a refreshing drink in the Southeast Asian region, beside suri cucumber. Cantaloupe is similar to melon but in a different cultivation group, cantaloupe is in the Cantalupensis group. Cantaloupe generally hasContinue Reading